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PostSubject: MkvMagic_1.33   Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:30 am


Quote :
With MkvMagic you will be able to backup your DVD and digital/analog capture in varius formats.

MkvMagic is able to encoded both mpeg2 and mpeg4 to mpeg2 or mpeg4. It use state of the art codecs and software to perform "magical" operations!

One important thing you should have understud is this program CANNOT BE USED TO BACKUP/COPY copyrighted material.

Every nation have different laws regarding backing up of owned movie, so please, learn what you can do and what you cannot do.

The author assumes that you own the copyright and that you will be using the copy for your own personal

The author does not take any responsibility for the illegal use of this guide or of MkvMagic.

Here are some key features of "MkvMagic":

13 way do encoding (manual, semi automatic, full automatic) in XviD (and XviD Command Line) or X264(VFW and EXE) or Mpeg2 (HcEnc, QuEnc, AutoQMatEnc, Rejig), 2 audio tracks (mp3/ogg/aac-lc/aac-he,5ch), 4 container (mkv/mp4/avi/dvd), 2 subs tracks (vobsubbed and the muxed in mkv), 14 resizer (now editable), automatic quality/resize, automatic ar, dvd support (dvd to rip or already ripped), or 30 avisynth filter (and possibility to expand over and over) (now much more), possibility to deinterlace (and apply custom deinterlacer) and over and over...


In short : many and more GB, lots of ram, and some GHz .
I suggest 18 gb free, 1 gb ram, 2+ Ghz of processor .

DOWNLOAD: MkvMagic_1.33.7z
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